Snow Day/ Emergency day Learning Guidelines

2022 – 2023

The following guidelines are to be followed by all learners in Stark County CUSD #100 in the event of school being canceled due to inclement weather/emergency/snow days. It is the philosophy of Stark County CUSD #100 that “snow days” are gifts of time for our students to simply be kids. A day to build snowmen, sip hot chocolate, sleep-in and bake cookies. For such days, teachers have prepared learning opportunities that are to be completed during weather related school cancellations, while also allowing time to enjoy the day.

These guidelines may also be used in the event of any emergency school cancellations. 

Stark County Elementary: (Pre-K – 5th Grade)

Learning packets are in each student’s backpack to be completed. Each packet has two days of activities/practice. Students are to complete the daily packet and return them upon return to school. The completion of the packets is how school attendance will be credited for each student. 

Stark County Junior and Senior High (6th – 12th Grade)

All teachers have updated learning activities on the students’ Chromebook in the teacher’s “Google Classroom”. All activities should be completed and submitted electronically to teachers prior to returning to school. The completion of activities is how school attendance will be credited to each student. 

All teachers/staff will be available via email during normal school hours. Please keep in mind that some teachers may also lose internet access during inclement weather. Students without internet access should communicate that with each teacher upon return.

Late Start Time, 10 am:

In the event of overnight weather or an emergency that will allow us to hold school with a late start time, school start time will be delayed until 10:00 am. (No breakfast or AM preschool provided on late start days.)

Lunch: In the event of a snow/emergency day, you may request a free lunch, per student, to be picked up at a scheduled time by emailing by 9:00 am the day of the cancellation. 

*Approved by the Stark County Board of Education: October 17, 2022